Australia AHS update

July 2015


21 nautical charts have been updated + 4 new nautical charts added (July 25th, 2015)

  • Aus245  Australia East Coast - Queensland - Port of Gladstone
  • Aus65  Australia West Coast - Western Australia - Approaches to Barrow Island     NEW
  • Aus250  Australia East Coast - Queensland - Plans of Hay Point and Mackay Harbour
  • Aus253  Australia East Coast - Queensland - Whitsunday Passage
  • Aus265  Australia East Coast - Queensland - Approaches to Port Alma
  • Aus627  Papua New Guinea - North East Coast - Jomard Entrance     NEW
  • Aus817  Australia East Coast - Queensland - Great Sandy Strait and Hervey Bay
  • Aus246  Australia East Coast - Queensland - Approaches to Port of Gladstone
  • Aus248  Australia East Coast - Queensland - Port Clinton
  • Aus841  Australia- Papua New Guinea - Torres Strait - Kirkaldie Reef to Boigu Island
  • Aus24  Australia North Coast - Northern Territory - Port Darwin Wickham Point
  • Aus26  Australia North Coast - Northern Territory - Approaches to Port Darwin
  • Aus27  Australia North Coast - Northern Territory - Port Darwin Middle Arm including Channel Island
  • Aus28  Australia North Coast - Northern Territory - Port Darwin East Arm
  • Aus113  Australia West Coast - Western Australia - Port of Fremantle
  • Aus839  Australia North East Coast - Queensland - Cairncross Islets to Arden Island
  • Aus322  Australia North West Coast - Indian Ocean - Ashmore Reef to Adele Island including Scott Reef
  • Aus343  Australia South Coast - South Australia - Whidbey Isles to Cape Du Couedic
  • Aus143  Australia South Coast - Victoria -Port Phillip     NEW
  • Aus597  Australia Southern Ocean - Approaches to Heard Island
  • Aus684  South Pacific Ocean - Plans on West Coast Bougainville Island
  • Aus66  Australia West Coast - Western Australia - Barrow Island - Town Point
  • Aus244  Australia East Coast - Queensland - South Trees Point to Auckland Point     NEW
  • Aus292  Australia Torres Strait - Queensland - Wyborn Reef to Twin Island
  • Aus776  Australia South Coast - South Australia - Williams Island to Winceby Island

So 469 charts (793 including sub-charts) are available in the Australia AHS layer. (see coverage)

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