NZ Linz update

February 2021


6 charts have been updated in the GeoGarage platform
Linz January update published February 5th, 2021 ( Updated to NTM Ed2 [22-24] 22/01/2021 - NTM Ed3 [25-27] 05/02/2021 )

  • NZ521 Cape Brett to Bream Tail
  • NZ5214 Marsden Point
  • NZ5219 Approaches to Marsden Point
  • NZ14605 INT 605 New Zealand to Fiji and Samoa Islands
  • NZ14638 INT 638 Fiji to Kermadec Islands including Tongatapu
  • NZ4631 Rauoterangi Channel and Kapiti Island

Today NZ Linz charts (192 charts / 336 including sub-charts) are displayed in the GeoGarage platform.

Note :  LINZ produces official nautical charts to aid safe navigation in New Zealand waters and certain areas of Antarctica and the South-West Pacific.

These updates are automatically viewable on mobile applications :

Using charts safely involves keeping them up-to-date using Notices to Mariners & AT Local NTMs
Reporting a Hazard to Navigation - H Note :
Mariners are requested to advise the New Zealand Hydrographic Authority at LINZ of the discovery of new or suspected dangers to navigation, or shortcomings in charts or publications.

Legal status : For compliance with New Zealand legal requirements for nautical charts and publications please refer to Maritime Rules Part 25.

Further details are included in the Annual New Zealand Notices to Mariners, No.1 which can be found in the New Zealand Nautical Almanac (NZ 204) and on the LINZ website.