Sea of Cortez & Pacific Mexico : a new chart layer

October 2019


The two sets of Blue Latitude charts, Sea of Cortez and Mexico, Pacific coast, are combined and available as a new raster nautical chart layer available for Weather 4D R&N

135 nautical raster charts are displayed in the GeoGarage platform, based on digital material directly issued from the Blue Latitude Press (BLP) :

Using the most up to date information available and their own surveys, BLP has created the most complete set of charts for the anchorages and harbors most visited by boaters within Mexico's spectacular Sea of Cortez and Pacific Mainland Coast.

Derived from their best selling guidebooks, Sea of Cortez: A Cruiser's Guidebook and Pacific Mexico: A Cruiser's Guidebook.

These two chart sets pick up what the official government charts leave out : these charts are intended to supplement the official government charts (from SEMAR, not yet available in the GeoGarage platform) and are not for navigation

- the Sea of Cortez set includes all of the popular harbors and anchorages from Cabo San Lucas to Guaymas, including La Paz, Loreto, Bahia Concepcion, Santa Rosalia, Bahia de los Angeles, San Carlos and everything in between.

- the Pacific Mainland Mexico set includes all of the popular harbors and anchorages from Mazatlan to Bahias de Huatulco, including San Blas, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Zihuatanejo, Acapulco and everything in between.

Note :
The Blue Latitude Charts are quite specific : they provide information for anchoring and exploration of spots where other chart sources are not or only with difficulties available.
The authors of the chart underline:  These harbor and anchorage charts are intended to supplement existing cartography, and “fill in the blanks" with the anchorage level detail lacking in other sources. 

  • Acapulco
  • Animas Slot
  • Bahia Agua Verde Area
  • Bahia Agua Verde
  • Bahia Algodones
  • Bahia Amortajada
  • Bahia Cacaluta To Bahia Maguey Organo
  • Bahia Careyes
  • Bahia Chamela
  • Bahia Coyote
  • Bahia De Altata
  • Bahia De Jaltemba
  • Bahia De Los Angeles Islands
  • Bahia De Los Angeles South
  • Bahia De Manzanillo
  • Bahia De Navidad
  • Bahia De Santiago
  • Bahia Kino
  • Bahia Los Frailes
  • Bahia Marquer
  • Bahia Petatlan
  • Bahia Pichilingue Falsa
  • Bahia Salinas
  • Bahia San Augustin To Bahia Chachacual
  • Bahia San Carlos
  • Bahia San Francisquito
  • Bahia San Gabriel
  • Bahia San Marte
  • Bahia San Pedro
  • Bahia Santa Cruz To Bahia Chahue
  • Bahia Santo Domingo
  • Bahia Tangolunda To Bahia Conejos
  • Bahia Willard San Luis Gonzaga
  • Barra De Navidad Entrance
  • Barra De Navidad Lagoon
  • Cabeza De Mechudo
  • Cabo San Lucas
  • Caleta De Campos
  • Caleta Lobos
  • Caleta Partida
  • Caleta San Juanico
  • Careyes
  • Cerralvo Channel
  • Chacala
  • Cuastecomate
  • East Bahia De Las Animas
  • Ensenada Carrizal
  • Ensenada De Los Muertos
  • Ensenada Del Candelero
  • Ensenada El Cardonal
  • Ensenada Grande
  • Ensenada La Gringa
  • Ensenada Quemado
  • Guaymas
  • Isla Ballena
  • Isla Coronados
  • Isla Danzante
  • Isla Estanque
  • Isla Grande
  • Isla Isabel
  • Isla Mitlan Bahia Las Rocas
  • Isla Monserrat
  • Isla Partida
  • Isla Requeson
  • Isla San Cosme
  • Isla San Esteban
  • Isla San Francisco
  • Isla San Marcos
  • Isla Santa Catalina
  • Isla Smith South
  • Isla Tiburon South
  • Islas De San Lorenzo
  • Ixtapa
  • La Cruz
  • La Paz Harbor
  • Las Cocinas Pozo Moreno
  • Las Hadas
  • Las Tres Marietas
  • Lazaro Cardenas
  • Loreto
  • Los Candeleros
  • Los Candeleros Isla Danzante
  • Los Islotes
  • Mangle Solo
  • Maruata
  • Mazatlan
  • Mazatlan Harbor
  • Mazatlan Marinas
  • Mulege
  • Nopolo
  • Nuevo Vallarta
  • Overview Mainland Pacific Mexico North
  • Overview Mainland Pacific Mexico South
  • Overview Sea Of Cortez North
  • Overview Sea Of Cortez South
  • Papanoa
  • Paraiso
  • Playa La Bonanza
  • Puerto Angel
  • Puerto Balandra
  • Puerto Ballandra
  • Puerto Ballena
  • Puerto De La Lancha
  • Puerto Don Juan
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Puerto Escondido Oaxaca
  • Puerto Los Cabos2
  • Puerto Los Gatos
  • Puerto Penasco
  • Puerto Refugio
  • Puerto Vallarta Harbor
  • Punta Cabeza Negra
  • Punta Chivato
  • Punta Colorada
  • Punta De Mita
  • Punta Galera
  • Punta Ipala
  • Punta Islotes
  • Punta Mangles
  • Punta Pescador
  • Punta Pulpito
  • Punta San Telmo
  • San Blas Detail
  • San Blas Mantanchen Bay
  • San Evaristo
  • San Felipe
  • San Lorenzo Channel
  • San Sebastian
  • Santa Marta To San Marte
  • Santa Rosalia
  • Tenacatita
  • Timbabiche
  • Topolobampo
  • Yelapa
  • Zihuatanejo

Note : 

Downloadable Waypoints (Each set is priced $4.99) are available on the BLP website for use with the guidebooks, Sea of Cortez: A Cruiser's Guidebook and Pacific Mexico: A Cruiser's Guidebook.

So save yourself from hours of entering waypoints and prevent potential errors : plan you trip before ever leaving home, preload your W4D W4D iOS mobile app with gpx file.

These nautical raster charts are automatically viewable on mobile applications :

note : Weather 4D R&N needs the last update to see West Mexico BLP chart layer