US NOAA update

January 2017

23 charts have been updated in the GeoGarage platform

(NOAA update January 2017, released January 19th, 2017)

Today 1025 NOAA raster charts (2147 including sub-charts) are included in the GeoGarage platform (see PDFs files)

  • 11309 ed42 Corpus Christi Bay
  • 11363 ed45 Chandeleur and Breton Sounds
  • 11389 ed35 St Joseph and St Andrew Bays
  • 11411 ed20 Intracoastal Waterway Tampa Bay to Port Richey
  • 11420 ed31 Havana to Tampa Bay
  • 11425 ed40 Intracoastal Waterway Charlotte Harbor to Tampa Bay
  • 11451 ed36 Miami to Marathon and Florida Bay
  • 11463 ed20 Intracoastal Waterway Sands Key to Blackwater Sound
  • 11465 ed40 Intracoastal Waterway Miami to Elliot Key
  • 11485 ed38 Intracoastal Waterway Tolmato River to Palm Shores
  • 12230 ed67 Chesapeake Bay Smith Point to Cove Point
  • 12238 ed42 Chesapeake Bay Mobjack Bay and York River Entrance
  • 12261 ed31 Chesapeake Bay Honga. Nanticoke. Wicomico Rivers and Fishing Bay
  • 12263 ed57 Chesapeake Bay Cove Point to Sandy Point
  • 12266 ed32 Chesapeake Bay Choptank River and Herring Bay; Cambridge
  • 12311 ed47 Delaware River Smyrna River to Wilmington
  • 12358 ed22 New York Long Island. Shelter Island Sound and Peconic Bays;Mattituck Inlet
  • 13230 ed52 Buzzards Bay; Quicks Hole
  • 13302 ed24 Penobscot Bay and Approaches
  • 18441 ed48 Puget Sound-northern part
  • 18476 ed7 Puget Sound-Hood Canal and Dabob Bay
  • 18650 ed58 San Francisco Bay Candlestick Point to Angel Island
  • 18740 ed45 San Diego to Santa Rosa Island

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